Jalapenos, red Slices, hot

3 x 3100ml Tin, MIKADO

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Jalapenos, red Slices, hot 3 x 3100ml Dose, MIKADO - Discover the fiery-spicy Mikado... more
Product information "Jalapenos, red Slices, hot"
Jalapenos, red Slices, hot 3 x 3100ml Dose, MIKADO - Discover the fiery-spicy Mikado Jalapeño slices. These finely chopped jalapeno pods are unique in South American cuisine, tortillas or nacho cheese. Also as tapas and antipasti or to meat and fish dishes, the sliced ​​Mikado Jalapenos are a real treat.
Unit: Tin
HS Code: 20019020
Food regulatory designation: Jalapenos, red Slices, hot
Packing per Unit: 3
Ingredients: hot, red peppers (jalapeno slices), water, salt, acidifier: acetic acid, stabilizer: calcium chloride.
Product size: 3100 ml
Packaging: 3 x 3100ml
Net weight: 2900g
Drained weight: 1500g
GTIN Single Unit: 4007415017223
GTIN Packing: 4007415017230
Packs per Pallet: 80
Packs per Layer: 10
Lagen pro Palette: 8
Best Before:3 years after production
Storage:Once opened the can, if product is not totally consumed, shall be transferred to a non metallic container, kept refrigerated and be used within a few days.
Distributor:I. Schmidt Handlesges. mbH, Berlin

Nutritional information (100g)

Energy (kJ)155 kJ
Energy (kcal)37 kcal
Total Fat<0,5 kJ
Of which saturated Fat<0,1 g
Total Carbohydrate6,7 g
Of which sugar<0,5 g
Protein 0,5 g
Salt1 g


Eggs and products thereofnot included
Peanuts and products thereofnot included
Fish and products thereofnot included
Cereals containing glutennot included
Crustaceans and produtcs thereofnot included
Milk and products thereofnot included
Lupin and products thereofnot included
Nutsnot included
Celery and products thereofnot included
Mustard and products thereofnot included
Sesame seeds and products thereofnot included
Soybeans and products thereofnot included
Sulphur dioxide and sulphitesNo
Molluscs and products thereofnot included
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